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The ancient emotion of Venetian filigree


Yvone Christa NY brand was born in Los Angeles in 1991, from the collaboration between the two Swedish designers Yvonne Clamf and Christina Soderstrom.

In their studio in Soho, in New York, each piece is handcrafted to create unique pieces. The  Yvone Christa Jewellery are processed following the traces of tradition, particularly that of ancient  Venetian filigree. The thin silver wires, in particular, shaped and welded together, are treated with an antique finish.

Yvone Christa Jewellery are made in 925 Silver. They are mainly decorated with  semi-precious stones and pearls, chosen following as inspiration the ancient jewellery and flowers, such as roses, orchids and tulips.

To view the complete collection, please visit the website  www.yvonechristawholesale.com

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