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Pomellato debuted in 1967 by introducing the concept of  prêt-à-porter Jewellery.

The jewels are no longer seen as objects of pure status, but as wonderful accessories to wear anytime of the day, to change together with the clothes.

Goldsmiths and  Jewellers work and produce their products with the technique of lost wax casting thereby creating many unique pieces.

To view the complete collection, please visit the website  www.pomellato.com .


The bright colours of gemstones combined with the exclusive lines of timeless jewels, ideal to be worn at all times: Pomellato jewels have always represented the Italian excellence with collections characterised by fresh and original style.



Avant-garde lines and colour: the charm of Italian jewellery


Since the 60's, Pomellato jewels are made to be worn by women of all ages and at any time of the day, adapting to every lifestyle thanks to elegant lines. The use of  coloured stones, during 90's definitively consecrates the brand.

In Turin, Rossi Jewellery can present its customers the exclusive Pomellato collections, including:

• Nudo

• M’ama Non M’ama

• Capri

• Bahia

• Victoria

• Tango

• Tabou

• Sabbia


Rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces become a unique gift idea, perfect for the most important moments as well as to celebrate special occasions and anniversaries.

Our employees are able to guide you in the choice of gems, white, yellow and pink gold, models in trendy or classic style.

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