Not only jewels and watches. Those who want to surprise know that Rossi Jewellery features a large and prestigious selection of  silverware and  writing items, perfect for a special gift, as well as to decorate homes. There are gift pens, luxury silver fountain pens, real masterpieces, works of master craftsmen able to transform a daily companion into an unmistakable sign of style that stands out.

The branded gift pens are a precious gift idea for the entire business world but also for an important moment, such as graduation or attainment of a special objective: our staff is available to provide a dedicated service, illustrating all the proposals in the catalogue.

In our stores in Turin you can discover creations by renowned manufacturers, such as:

• Mont Blanc

• Cesa 1882

• Greggio Argento

• Dogale Venezia.


Wide range of solutions in silver, precious gift ideas for the house: come and visit our shop to see all the extensive selection of silverware.

cesa 1882
cesa 1882
dogale venezia
dogale venezia
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