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Tell your story with Pandora


Every special moment of life tells a story. Moments collection was born for this: charms and  unique and patented bracelets, made with precious materials, and protected by patents to tell stories and create personal design creations.

Choose your favourite charms and combine them to create a unique look, like you.

Every single charm bracelet represents a special moment in your life, to remember the dearest people and moments.

Tell your story!

Rossi Jewellery awaits you in its store in Turin to offer Pandora bracelets, earrings,  charms, rings, necklaces and pendants. The latest collections of  Pandora Jewellery match gift suggestions, ideal solutions to make every moment memorable, through original combinations.


Pandora pendants and necklaces are available in a great variety of materials and design, match necklaces in Sterling Silver, 14 k gold two tone, adding sparkling pendants, perfect to express your personal taste.

Pandora enhances the personal taste, allowing each client to create their own gem, combining Charms and pendants in Sterling Silver Bracelets, 14 Karat pure gold, leather or fabric: and that's how each piece becomes a personal way to tell an emotion.

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