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Charm is timeless


For nearly 90 years, the glamorous world of Gucci has been conquering consumers around the world. The essence of this timeless success is represented by the extraordinary Gucci products, symbols of elegance and timeless class.

Not surprisingly, over the years, a large number of famous actors and style icons like Peter Sellers or Veruschka have been inexorably drawn to the brand and its iconic products. Then as now, Gucci continues to exert the same charm. Its design philosophy combines an exceptional sense of taste to a modern style, allowing the classic luxury of the House to be timeless.

Each collection reinterprets the tradition of the  Maison Gucci, with its heady mix of elegance and glamour. Gucci's value lies in its timeless charm. This spirit pervades even Gucci watches, made in the Swiss region of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Taking the iconic motifs of the trademark, from the red and green ribbon to GG as a symbol or at the clip, they represent the best of Made in Italy tradition and the inimitable Swiss Watchmakers.

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