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Bvlgari watch history


The evolution of an unmistakable style


Bvlgari Watch has a long history, which draws its strength from a meticulous and constant search for perfection. A search that invests every single item that can contribute to the beauty of the object and to the excitement of the person who owns it.

Bvlgari Watches represent this wealth of attention in an exemplary manner: they are-as we always expect -a synthesis of aesthetics, quality and exclusivity. Each model stands as a landmark of its kind, expression of absolute excellence.

The originality of design and formal choices meet already in the process of designing the most innovative engineering assumptions: a Bvlgari watch is valuable for its technical content. The  most sophisticated mechanisms and the  finest solutions provide the greatest added value possible.

To view the complete collection, please visit the website  www.bulgari.com .

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