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The Italian roots of jewels 


Laurent Gandini lives and works in Milan, where, in 1990, he started his own business. For some fashion houses he realises Jewellery collections with heterogeneous materials such as porcelain and papier-mâché and then gold and silver.

Deepening his stylistic research, Laurent has developed over the years a new taste, inspired by the discovery of  traditional Italian jewel, whose roots lie in the history of the rural world. A world almost disappeared within a few generations and become distant, but still capable of suggesting the artist new forms and figures thanks to the inexhaustible richness of its repertoire.

It is from these sources of inspiration that, in 2002, Laurent has designed his collection based on a contemporary interpretation of the  popularItalian jewel. Here the essential topics include cult, customs, rituals and superstition whose ancestral presence echoes in the symbolic representation of Jewellery by decorative motifs that intersect with the lightness of lace and the simplicity of the flowers.

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