Technicians we rely on have different professional experiences with major companies and laboratories of the watch industry and periodically attend refresher training held by parent companies.

Thanks to their skills, in the  laboratory of Rossi Jewellery they can evaluate the status of your watch, whether it is an older model or a new proposal, and repair it, after drawing up a quote.

The repair is carried out according to schedule and after acceptance of quotation: the long experience in the watch industry allows the Turin store to provide assistance for watches of all brands, including luxury and precious watches.


But what may affect the correct operation of a watch?
What factors can damage moving parts or gears?



Recommendations for proper maintenance of your watch

• Water resistance of a watch cannot be guaranteed for life. Seals age, an accidental bump to the crown could compromise the tightness of the chest.

• Due to an accidental bump you could generate a malfunction due to displacement of movement lubrication oils and, in some cases, even breaking components that cause the complete catch of the movement.

• Magnetism: you must avoid placing your watch on speakers or refrigerators that generate a strong magnetic field, altering the functioning of the movement.

• Thermal Shock may cause thermal expansion of metals and seals, causing loss of impermeability and the loss of viscosity of lubricating oils.

• Rinse your watch in fresh water after use in salt water: salt contained in the water is damaging to metals.

• Underwater avoid the use of buttons in the chronographs or of the crown, always restart the screw crown or reject it in the neutral position.

• Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products etc., since these may damage case, bracelet or seals.

• To clean metal bracelets and water-resistant cases we recommend using a toothbrush and soapy water. Then dry with a soft cloth.

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