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Greggio, a pioneer in the world of silver in all its forms, has the great merit of having understood that continually reinventing silver also means combining it with different raw materials.

The ambitious project has been entrusted to Corrado Villarà, creative who, by the marriage of hand decorated glass later silver plated, gave birth to  Dogale. The brand, young but well known, offers many collections each containing a wide selection of products –   bowls, vases, plates of various sizes and colours –capable of conquering emerging groups of consumers looking for innovation. The object marked Dogale, with warm and intense colours do not oxidise, because they are protected by a special paint and don’t need any special maintenance.

Any piece is different, unique and unrepeatable, because the result of a process of artisanal production. Eye-catching shades, often whimsical styles, finishes and attention to tactile as well as visual impact, all totally amazing!

DOGALE has many definitions: it is the chromatic colour coated by silver colour, the gift idea that surprises, the piece of furniture that colours the environment, the art of being unique, the copied but not copiable ... since 2004.

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