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Charm according to Damiani


Damiani jewel stands out for its shape, for the quality of its gems, for the excellence of its manufacture, for the emotion that creates in those who give and those who receive it.


Each jewel embodies the creative idea from which the artistic value of  Italian goldsmiths originated, and with great skill and passion, they realised it overseeing each step carefully. Jewels that reached unique goals


Not surprisingly, Damiani won 18 World Academy Awards for Jewellery, the title as best diamond jewel and design. A record still unmatched.

To view the complete collection, please visit the website  www.damiani.com .



Made in Italy is synonymous with excellence in many sectors: from art to design, from cooking to automotive the Italian creativity represents excellence and transforms consumer products into real status symbols, until becoming, in many cases, objects of worship.

Among the most exclusive expressions of Italian passion, the Damiani brand stands out, able to turn gold, pearls and diamonds in unique creations.



From fine Jewellery and Goldsmith tradition: the excellence of Damiani


At Rossi Jewellery you can see proposals of  fine Jewellery by Damiani as classic  solitaire rings and elegant watches, the perfect gift to celebrate a special event such as engagement, wedding or an important anniversary.


You can also discover the collections of fine Damiani Jewellery, real works of art, jewellery with unique pieces having original lines and studded with precious stones and gems. Finally, we cannot forget jewel watches, with Belle Epoque proposals (also in ceramic).

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