In our stores you cannot only choose between infinite jewellery collections offered by the best Italian and international brands, but also commission the  creation of personalised jewellery. So you can give others or yourselves truly unique jewels, made to astonish and to seal a value that will grow over time.


Have you always dreamt about a ring with a special design?
Would you like to embed on your old ring a special stone?

Custom jewellery creation allows you to make changes of any kind on bracelets, rings, solitaire rings, earrings, necklaces and jewellery sets: in Turin store staff will help you to develop a tailored project, recommending on stones or on special design you want for your jewellery.



Transformations of old jewellery


In our laboratory we make the transformation of old jewellery, both to make design more contemporary and for small repairs or replacements in the case of missing stone or metal oxidation problems.

Our technicians are available for the following services:

• creations on design
• transformation of old jewellery
• repairs

Rossi Jewellery is also a Gemological Centre and has Diamond Laser System for special cuts.

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