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Since 1884 Bulgari Jewels represent the epitome of Italian excellence thanks to their extraordinary quality and their unique style, characterised by the balance between classicism and modernity.

Iconic traits of all Bulgari creations are the sense of volume and the love for linearity, combined with the  sophistication of motifs inspired by the Greco-Roman art and architecture.


While maintaining continuity with the heritage that inspires it, Bulgari expresses a bold and innovative design and a constant search for unique creativity and inimitable vision of luxury.


From its beginnings in the shop in via Condotti, one of the favourite gathering places by the elite of international artists, writers and actors during the "Dolce vita"- until its current role of global player, Bulgari has always been admired throughout the world for the perfect and timeless beauty that each creation communicates.

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Bulgari: the excellence of Made in Italy


For over 125 years, Bulgari has been synonymous with excellence in jewellery, with an unmistakable style able to blend the classical tradition with a modern flavour.


The glamour and originality of exclusive models, which are renewed from collection to collection, combine with precious materials to create true timeless classics, able to render immediately identifiable not only Jewellery, but also  wrist watches and leather accessories for men and women until reaching, in recent years, the characterisation of hotels and resorts built according to the style of the timeless brand.



Precious metal Jewellery for special occasions


In our shop in Turin, we offer the most exclusive models of Bulgari Jewellery, combining the experience of Rossi Jewellery with a brand making timeless creations in classic and innovative materials such as:

• platinum

• pearls

• rose gold

• yellow Gold

• gold and steel

• White Gold

•  coloured gemstones

• diamonds

• ceramic

• silver 925


The collections include   engagement rings and wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, cuff links, chains & leather cords, to match with class and aplomb in each event and enrich with charm every personality and lifestyle.

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